About Catalonia

Millions of tourists visit Spain each year, with Barcelona the destination of their choice. Sadly, what most of them fail to realize is that, Catalonia Spain is the region that is home to Barcelona. But where is Catalonia? It is hidden retreat for culture, tradition and culinary delicacies that are simply not found anywhere else in Europe or in the world.

Catalonia Spain has a culture of its own, drawing from the rich influences of its diverse history. Home to more than 7 million people, two-thirds of these people reside in Barcelona and its other metropolitan areas. Barcelona, one of the world’s most visited cities by tourists, is the capital of Catalonia, in both the official and cultural sense.

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The History of Catalonia

Explore the history of Catalonia, having a strong & rich tradition dating back over 1000 years. Go though the history of Catalonia & unfold its past.

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Best Period to Visit Catalonia

Which is the best period to visit Catalonia? Find the answers from experts on the best period to visit Catalonia enjoy the best of this wonderful city.

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