The Famous Boi Valley in Catalonia

Boi valley is a beautiful valley in Catalonia. This narrow, steep-sided valley is primarily located in the northeastern corner of the comarca of Alta Ribagorca, on the edges of the Pyrenees and attracts a lot of lot of tourists. It. Catalonia, the famous Boi Valley is the largest municipality of the region, with its main town being Barruera. Read on to gather more information about Boi Valley.

The main attraction of famous Boi Valley in Catalonia is its nine Early Romanesque churches. They make the site of the densest concentrations of Romanesque architecture in Europe. Moreover, the valley also includes the highest ski resort in the Pyrenees, at Boi-Taull, also including borders the Aiguestortes I Estany de Sant Maurici National Park which is located in the northeast.

During Middle Ages the Boi valley had a relatively low population. Most of the wealth was spent on the construction of various churches till 14th centuries. Some of the churches have remained in use for religious worships as they were constructed during 11th to 12th centuries. However, nine of the churches of the famous Boi Valley are included World Heritage Site. These churches are Sant Climent and Sant Maria, which are located in Taull. The third church is the Sant Feliu which is located in Barruera, the fourth one is the Sant Joan of Boi. However, the other churches which are not included in the World Heritage Site include Santa Eulalia, Santa Maria de l’Assumpcio de Coll, Santa Maria de Cardet, la Nativitat de la Mare de Deu and Sant Quirc which is located in Durro.

Boi Valley also consists of many other Romanesque religious buildings. These religious building include the churches of Sant Llorenc which is located in Sarais and Santa Marti church which lies in the Tuall and also the hermitages of Sant Cristofol in Erill, of Sant Quirc in Taüll, of Sant Salvador in Barruera and of Sant Pere in Boí.

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