Useful Catalonia Information

To start with important Catalonia information, it is one of 19 autonomous communities situated in the Northeast of the Iberian peninsula. The Catalan region is bordered on its southern side by Valencia and the west by the Aragón region. To its North lie the French and Andorran borders. Its famous coasts, Costa Brava and Costa Daurada are bathed by the Mediterranean ocean.

Giving useful Catalonia information on its geography, the region is marked by the Mediterranean coast and the Pyrenees mountains, bordering between Spain and France. With a completely Mediterranean climate, overall mild that is temperate in winter and hot on the coasts the inland has a continental climate with cold winters and hot summers. The Catalonia region is a linguistically rich. Apart from Catalan and Spanish, many other languages like Aranés are spoken. Aranés is a dialect of the ancient occitana language that surfaced at the beginning of the Middle Ages south of the Loira river.

Going further on important Catalonia information, the region is divided into three divisions politically- Comarques, municipis and provincies. Its main four provinces are Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona. Traditionally, the main economic force in Catalonia was industry, but now it is tourism. As one of the most powerful tourist destination, it is world famous for its beautiful scenery, idyllic little fishing villages and wonderful climate.

Even with the economic crisis going on, Catalonia still remains crowded with tourists year after year. And, thanks to the increased popularity of culinary traditions and culture world wide, more and more people want to come and experience it. Culinary travel in this region is on the rise, thus contributing to the economic growth in the region. The major destinations for tourists in Catalonia are Barcelona, the beaches of the Costa Brava and the Costa Daurada, plus several ski resorts in Tarragona.

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