The Popular Catalonia Wines

Catalonia wines are popular all over the world. Wine is one of the common and popular drinks in Catalonia as well as is also enjoyed by people around the world. Catalonia is located in the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula. Its great location with diverse climate makes it just right for wine making. Let’s gather brief information about popular Catalonian wines.

Wines has been produced in Catalonia since the Roman Times, who begun planting the varieties as well as manufacturing quality reds around Tarragona. Since then, the idea of making wines spread in Catalonia, playing an important role in country’s economy. Today, the region stands among one the world’s best wine producers. Firms like Freixenet as well as Codorniu are selling tens of millions of bottles of Cava around the world.

Cava, the white sparkling wine was manufactured by the Raventos family, who encouraged plating of more white grapes. And now, this wine is one among the famous wine produced by Catalonia. As a matter of fact 95 percent of the best Catalonian wines with DO Cava is produced in Catalonia. Jean Leon and Miguel Torres were the pioneers in adopting noble foreign vines.

Catalonia wines are produced in different areas of the region. Penedes, Alella, Costers del Segre, Ampurdan, Tarrangona, Terra Alta, Priorato and Conca de Barbera are the main areas produce wines in Catalonia. Alella represents interests in the form of the Pansa Blanca grape. It also offers varieties of aromas and tastes through other typical variations such as Macabeo and Parellada. Before concluding, it is important to mention wine region D.O. Catalonia, which includes wineries from all of the above mentioned regions. This is an attempt by winemakers to abridge the somewhat dizzying number of wine regions that confuse the customer. With the number of members as well as the production having risen exponentially, the commercial success of these popular Catalonia wines seems to be guaranteed.

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