The Girona Province

The Girona province, is a province of north-eastern Spain, bordered by the provinces of Barcelona and Lleida, and by France and the Mediterranean Sea. It comprises of some important historical towns such as Banyoles, Palamós, Cadaqués, Ripoll, Camprodon or Puigcerdà.

The exciting Girona Province is much more than just the Costa Brava and the sun kissed beaches. The region is well known for a wide variety with stunning views, an impressive history and lots of things to do. A fine attractive historic capital itself, the rolling lands of Central Catalonia to the south as well as the Catalan Pyrenees rising in the west have enough touristic hot spots. A very varied province, it offers everything from the beach, to rural wooded areas, skiing and mountains. The Gerona town is also blessed with some beautiful old buildings that are a must see.

Some of the well known area popular with tourists in Girona province are Lloret de Mar - on the Southern stretch of the Costa Brava, which hardly needs any introduction. Sun, sea, sand and late-night discothèques, they're havens of effervescent self-indulgence. At further north, one will find important resorts such as Sant Feliu de Guixols, Palafrugell, L'Escala and Roses. One can also explore some hidden coves, nestled close to the fishing villages along this part of the coastline.

This Girona province is made of 221 municipalities. One of the well known of these is the municipality of Llívia, which is an exclave separated from the rest of Spain and surrounded by France. Girona itself is both charming and remarkable. Described as the Gothic Cathedral, along with the Alhambra, which is the most significant piece of architecture in Spain, the city got its nickname 'Girona The Immortal' on account of the number of sieges it's endured throughout its history.

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