Is Istanbul a Good City Break Destination?

Istanbul is a city formed of two different globes. Bestriding through the great Bosporus strait, the historic city has one of its foot in Europe; the East meets the West, both figuratively and physically, forming a powerful blend of culture which makes it one of the most fascinating destinations on the planet. Istanbul, the capital city of turkey, clearly befits its name and shows evidence of its 3000 years history. The city is also considered to have played a major role in the Roman, Ottoman, Byzantium and Byzantine Empire. The city’s markets are almost stereotypically striking and the street meals are reasonably the best.

Is Istanbul the best place to be during spring?

•Spring is usually the best time to visit Istanbul majorly due to the lovely skies and comfortable temperature. During the spring, you will be able to avoid the harsh temperatures and gloomy skies that exemplify the city’s winters and the busy tourist crowds that drop away in the summer. Additionally, the city is at kits most picturesque, with the trees greening up and the onset of the yearly Tulip Festival, which sees the Istanbul’s gardens and parks colorful.

When on a break to the city of Istanbul, don’t worry on your travelling expenses:

•With the two international train stations and the two international airports, Istanbul is easy to reach and at an affordable price. Unless you are already in Turkey, the most effective, cheapest and easiest means of travel is by plane. More than 100 airlines connect the city to the rest of the world; some of the main airline carriers include;
• Turkish Airline
• Emirates
• Delta
• British Airways

Must explore places in Istanbul

•Istanbul is a big city sub-divided into several districts which spread out on each section of the Bosphorus. The Asian side forms the eastern half of the city and its locality, food bazaars and locally exciting atmosphere make for a wonderful walk, but almost all of the major attractions are located on the European side. Istanbul’s old city, Sultan Ahmet, is much more useful for sightseeing, and on the other section of the Golden Horn, you will be able to find Beyoglu, well known for its buzzing nightlife and music scenes. Istanbul city is serviced by excellent Public transport, including the trains, a metro system and ferries moving across the rivers.

Must eat foods in Istanbul city

•One of the city’s most unique and delicious meals are the street foods; you will see vendors everywhere, and their fair prices makes for a nice snack if you are on the move. Some of the best dishes include done (the classic of meat roasted on a vertical spit), the midye dolma (mussels mixed with fragrant rice, raisins, and pine nuts) and the kokore (heavily seasoned and amazingly tasty offal.

Must sleep in Istanbul city

•Sultanahmet, the oldest city of Istanbul, is the best place to be for your nights; all the main sights are either in the area or within easy reach of everyone and when the night comes, it is by far the most impressive part of the city.


•The above facts therefore prove that Istanbul is a good city break destination and thus with your turkey visa get out enjoy the best attractions of the world at Istanbul city.

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