The La Llacuna Village

La Llacuna village is located in Catalonia, and is one of the top tourist destinations in Catalonia. A lot of tourists came to visit this village, enjoying the beautiful scene of this village. This Mediterranean village is small village where one can get to only by bus or a car. This village is known for its inlays as well as meats. Read on to gather more info about the La Llacuna vilage.

At La Llacuna, one will get to see a lot of beautiful fountains all around. One of the most well known fountains in this village is Cuitora's Fountain. But there are also popular and beautiful fountains in La Llacuna such as Hort's Fountain, Granotes Fountain and Pla Novell Fountain. One can walk all of these beautiful fountains from its tracks, about 30 minutes from the main square.

As a tourist, you can do many things in the La Llacuna village in Catalonia. You can either spend a lot of time walking around seeing the beautiful forests, or walk through the vine fields. Simply, explore this beautiful town with lots of beautiful fountains. One can just sit down in the middle of the beautiful natural beauty of the place and watch the lives of the local people of the village.

You can a visit the Castle in La Llacuna , from where you can have a wide view of the beautiful. In summer, riding and swimming will be the best activities to do, and for those you love nature it’s the perfect place to visit.

Certain events also take place in the La Llacuna village. One of the most well known events include Fida de Sant Andreu, which take place in the 1st Sunday of December, and it is a event where you can eat the best. Other popular events also include Potada, Aplec del Castell and the Live Nativity Scene Show. La Llacuna village is also known for its inlays and meats. There are some shops that cater to hotels, restaurants and particulars all over Catalonia.

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