Live like a local while on vacation

Do you like to immerse yourself in local culture while traveling? How about actually staying in a home owned by people that intimately know the area? Having a local contact that knows the neighborhood, like local shopping and entertainment, can be a great benefit. Relaxing with all the conveniences of staying in a well-furnished home with a kitchen, living area and more, is a great way to enhance your holiday experience. With today’s growing sharing economy, more people are enjoying home exchange as a great way to experience a new culture in a completely local setting. You will have the advantage of getting a full home to enjoy while on vacation while saving thousands in accommodation costs.

Smart travelers have been using home exchange as an economical and exciting way to get to know a new culture. There are several types of home exchange for you to choose. The most common is known as direct exchanges, where two parties agree to swap their homes at the same time thus each enjoys the other’s location. A newer form of home swap is non-simultaneous. This is best for people that have a second / vacation home (not their primary residence). The program is simple, host a guest at your property, and earn credits. Then use these credits to visit any of the other homes in the network. This credits based swapping offers members a lot more flexibility and options because they are not tied to just swapping with just the person that visited their property. In addition, a good credit based systems will be based on the value of the property, thus members can trade up or down and always getting the value.

The best home exchange networks will have many search criteria; location, number of guests, bedroom and the option to select from various amenities like Free Wifi. In addition, you might want to first decide what type of vacation you are planning; beach, city, fishing, hiking etc. Fact is many of us have a preferred type of vacation activity that we look forward to, maybe best to start your search for a home exchange based on that is available in the area.

Are you new to home exchange and house swapping for vacations? You can download a FREE Home Exchange Guide that is full of hints and tips to get you started.

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