The Montserrat Rock Mountain In Catalonia

Montserrat Rock Mountain is one of the famous tourist attractions in Catalonia. When talking about the features of the mountain, it is ten km long & five km wide. It has a perimeter of around 25 kilometers with a surface area of around 45 km. One interesting thing about the famous Montserrat Rock Mountain is that it appears higher than it actually is. This is because of the fact that it rises straight up from the Llobregat River. In fact there are no other mountains in its surrounding that come close to its height, making it appear very distinctive in this part of Catalonia.

Montserrat Rock Mountain is situated in the middle of the Catalonia, and its highest point is referred to as St. Jerome. . Its unique rock formation is a most recognizable feature from far distance. It is simply the site of the Santa Maria de Montserrat, a Benedictine Abbey, making it popular among locals as well as tourists.

The main attraction of famous Montserrat Rock Mountain is the monastery, which is a very impressive structure. At present is the home for more than 70 monks. Close to the monastery is the Basilica - where you will get to see “Moreneta” or Black Virgin, which is the patron saint of Cataluna. In basilica, the Montserrat Boys Choir performs in the weekdays at 1 pm. They are well known children’s choir who has performed all over the world.

Near the monastery in Montserrat Rock Mountain, there are different restaurants and self serve cafeteria. One can also find stalls selling local delights including cheeses and desserts near the monastery. As a matter of fact, Montserrat Rock Mountain in Catalonia is more than a mountain. Here one can also see the gallery at Montserrat, showcasing different beautiful pictures of all sizes and shapes in the gallery, depicting different scenes.

Since the past few centuries, Montserrat Rock Mountain has become a deeply spiritual place and a patriotic symbol. To sum up, it is a mountain, a sanctuary, a monastery above all a spiritual community.

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