The Delicious Pa Amb Tomàquet

Pa amb tomàquet is a typical Catalonian food, in fact an everyday food. It can be a sandwich for breakfast, or also a daily gourmet food at informal parties or family meetings. Its ingredients includes bread, tomato, olive oil and salt, together representing both sea and mountain essence of Catalonia – a place surrounded by the magnificent Pyrenees and bordered by the exuberant Mediterranean Sea. Read on to get more information about delicious pa amb tomàquet.

The exact origin of pa amb tomàquet is somehow unclear but it is often believed that it started life as pa amb oli that was common right through the Mediterranean region and specifically on the Balearic Islands. However, the first reference to such a preparation shown in Jaume Martí Oliver cookbook, Modo de cuynar a la mallorquina in 17th century. Regarding tomatoes, it arrived into Europe in 16th century via Columbus.

Making pa amb tomàquet is quite easy and simple. One simply has to rub a very ripe tomato half onto the surface of a slice of bread, and simply dressing it generously with olive oil and salt. When it comes to the dish, Catalonia people have their own slight variations & preferences, as well as what they like to serve and eat along it.

According to sources, tomatoes were not added to pa amb oil until around 18th century. Some people believed that Pa amb tomàquet has its origin in rural Catalonia, where tomatoes were in abundance and farmers devised the method of rubbing them ion dry & stale bread as way to soften it before eating. Whatever may be the origin of the delicious pa amb tomàquet in Catanula, it has now become one of the most typical foods of this place, in fact playing a prominent role in daily Catalan diet.

The basic preparation of this Catalan food is a snack or meal in as well as of itself. Aside from this, pa amb tomàquet is also a fantastic base to sandwiches in Catalonia, with meats, cheeses as well as vegetables. These days, rather than softening up stale of dry bread, it is recommended to use the freshest, in fact the best quality country bread, with large slices on which tomato can be rubbed. Many people also prefer the bread grilled or toasted first before rubbing the tomato on it, and others also like to rub a cut glove of raw garlic before rubbing the tomato it.

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