What Is Paella?

Paella is one of the most famous foods in Catalonia, enjoyed by both locals and tourists all year around. It is just a saffron colored dish generally made with different combinations of rice, vegetables, meat and chicken as well as seafood. The food is even considered as Spain’s national dish by many people and has in fact also won the heart of many people around the globe. So, what is Paella in Catalan language?

Well, paella means frying pan or pot. The dish was given its name thanking to the specialized shallow black pan that is generally used to cook this dish. Read on to get more information about seafood paella.

Actually, paella is a Valencian dish, in fact having its origins in Albufera, Valencia. In general there are different kinds of paella with three main types - Valencian paella, with the main difference being beans and snails. The second one is the seafood paella, with calamari and prawns instead and the third type is mixed paella with combination of everything. Although, paella has its origins in Spain, the dish was actually made under the Moorish influence. The Arabs generally made casseroles of rice, fish and spices, simply leading Spain to adopt rice as staple of their diet in 15th century. As seafood was popular and available in eastern coast of Spain, it became popular to combine rice with vegetables along with seafood, slowly evolving the modern-day paella.

You will find paella in all the restaurants in Catalonia, in different types and flavors and enjoyed as the most typical food in Spain. For the first time visitors in this place, be sure to enjoy this special Catalonian dish, giving a taste of Spain’s unique flavors.

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