How You Can Experience a Thrilling Weekend in Barcelona

Having a short weekend break when you are in Europe can be a bit confusing. Many times short weekend breaks leave travellers or even tourists feeling wasted than refreshed. However, with proper planning, your weekend will be as refreshing as an entire holiday. What you need to have is a clear plan on how you are going to spend every minute of the weekend in your location of choice. One of the most interesting places in Europe that is known for exciting weekend getaways is Barcelona. This is a magical city that offers plenty of experiences that stay with you even after your short visit. In order to make the most of your weekend in Barcelona, here is a list of some of the interesting aspects of Barcelona weekends.

• Stroll La Rambla: this is a mile long boulevard located at the centre of the city. This location offers a string of exciting activities that can easily fit into a weekend getaway plan. La Rambla offers you a glimpse of the spirit of the magnificent Barcelona and Catalan cultures respectively. All types of entertainment are found in this location ranging from dancers, musicians to dynamic artists. There are numerous cafes, restaurants, food markets, fruit stands, and human statues. If you are not sure how to go about it, you can start your ramble early and cap your day with a hearty dinner in one of the restaurants as you enjoying the vivacious crowd.

• Climbing the Montjuic: if you are a fun of hiking, this is the spot to visit. This is an ideal location for hike climbing that comes with scattered landmarks. Impressive city views and a chance to experience a touch of history by visiting the Castell de Montjuic leaves a rejuvenated feeling. This spot also offers an opportunity to enjoy the magnificent water fountain show that takes place at the foot of the hill.

• Exploring the Bohemian Barcelona: this city has been preserved to maintain the old world grandeur exhibited in cobbled streets, charming buildings, statutes and the formal gardens. With a tour of this location, you will meet the beautiful works of Pablo Picasso and many other famous artists. Ensure that you include a visit to the Tres Pins nursery; Teatre Grec and the Fundacio Juan Miro, which is the largest museum in Spain.

• Take a short sailing experience: you should not fail tom have a thrilling Mediterranean experience. You can simply do this by taking a hatch from Barcelona and exploring the marvels in the Costa Brava Coast.

• Get covered in chocolate: you can spice up your weekend in Barcelona by having chocolate rubbed all over your body. This is done by a pair of professional hands. The rich aroma of chocolate over your body is famous for leaving an inciting pleasure during your short visit.

Ensure you understand what you are looking for and plan in advance. With a Turkey visa application form, you are on your way to enjoy a thrilling weekend at the ecstatic Barcelona.

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